Mind the Gap — and Close It

The Ellevest Guide to Dominating Your Financial Future

Ellevest CEO Sallie Krawcheck takes you through everyday gaps that cost women time, money, and power — and shows you how to fix them.

Get all the tips to catch up and live like a boss.

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Seven Chapters on Financial Feminism

  1. Gender Pay Gap

    How to ask for a raise and earn what you deserve.

  2. Gender Work Achievement Gap

    Make noise, play in traffic and self-promote with tact.

  3. Gender Debt Gap

    Get out of the red and start building wealth.

  4. Gender Investing Gap

    Far from a luxury, not investing could cost you more than you think.

  5. Gender Funding Gap

    How to ask for venture capital like a legit CEO.

  6. Gender Pricing Gap

    Paying more for stuff that’s pink? That’s the patriarchy.

  7. Unpaid Labor Gap

    Be strategic with your downtime too.

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About the Author

“We won’t have true equality until we have financial equality.”

Sallie Krawcheck, CEO & Co‑Founder of Ellevest

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