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IRAs Built for Women

Take control of your retirement in minutes. Transfer your traditional, Roth or SEP IRA today.

Retirement Isn’t One‑Size‑Fits‑All

Women live longer than men & our salaries grow differently. Ellevest looks at these factors, plus your unique financial profile, to customize your retirement portfolio.

Rethink Retirement

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  • Big Picture Planning

    We look at all of your retirement accounts — not just those with Ellevest — and recommend how much to save.

  • What’s Your Number?

    Instead of one giant number, Ellevest shows you how much money you’ll likely need annually during your retirement.

  • Make It Work For You

    Adjust your recommended deposits, timeline and goal target if you want to live bigger or more modestly.

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Security & Fees

You First
  • As an SEC-registered fiduciary, we have your best interests in mind.

  • Your assets are held by Folio — an SEC-registered broker/dealer, custodian and member of SIPC.

No Taxes, No Transfer Fees
  • You won’t be taxed for transferring your IRA to Ellevest.

  • We won’t charge you any fees for the transfer.*

*You may incur transaction and transfer fees from your current IRA provider.

Transfers Made Simple

It only takes you a few minutes to start an IRA transfer online — and we’ll take it from there. We’ll reach out if we need anything else from you.

  • 1. Create a retirement goal

    Customize your plan and click on the “Transfer IRA” button.

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  • 2. Set up your account

    Provide details about yourself & the IRA account you’re transferring.

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  • 3. Review & confirm

    Review your Ellevest IRA portfolio & confirm the transfer.

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