The Ellevest Experience

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Be a woman with a plan

Start Investing in 15 Minutes

  • Tell us about yourself (including family, if you choose) and your goals in 5 short steps.
  • We’ll suggest tailored contributions, timelines, and diversified investment portfolios for each of your goals.
  • No funny stuff. We’re a , which means by law we act in our clients’ best interests, always.

Make it Yours

  • Four Customizable Variables

    Change the timeline, recurring contribution, initial deposit & target for each goal until it works for you.

    Goal planner advice
  • Work Within a Budget

    Experiment with ways to allocate money across your goals with our goal planner.

    Goal planner
  • Change it at any time

    Life happens — you can update your plan at any time. If you change your goal date, we’ll automatically adjust your portfolio.

Goal planner advice Goal planner

Start Funding Your Future

  • No Minimum Balance

    Start as small as you’d like — there’s no minimum deposit.

  • No-Penalty Withdrawals

    You can withdraw your money at any time — no strings attached.

  • Low Fees & Free Emergency Fund

    Ellevest charges 0.5% on AUM and 0% on emergency funds.

Start Investing

You’re Beyond Budgeting, We’ll Manage the Rest

  • A Heads-Up if you fall off track

    The markets and your financial situation can change. We let you know if you fall off track and how to get back on course.

  • SEC Registered & SIPC Insured

    Ellevest is SEC registered, and your assets are held by Folio — an SEC registered broker/dealer, custodian and member of the SIPC.

  • We Take Data Security Seriously

    We use strong encryption and store your data in data centers that meet security best practices.