Ask Ellevest: How Do I Ask for Feedback at Work? (Video)

By Gala Jackson

Getting good, usable feedback is the engine to success in pretty much every role you’ll have. Ellevest’s Lead Executive Career Coach, Gala Jackson, has tips on how to get it — and act on it.

Ellevest’s answer:

How do I ask for feedback at work? What a great question. The one thing I will say to you is do it early, do it often, and be direct. Let’s break those three things down.

Number one: Ask for feedback early. One of the common misconceptions is that we wait until the end of a project or task to ask for feedback — when we should be asking for feedback and information throughout the project and at the beginning of the project. Having that feedback allows us to adjust and pivot in real time to make sure that we execute flawlessly.

Number two: Ask for feedback often. It’s OK to develop a rhythm or a cadence for that feedback so that your supervisor knows you’re eager to grow and develop and do excellent work.

Number three: Be direct in your ask. The answers that we receive are largely dependent on the quality of the questions that we ask. So make sure that your questions are specific and direct when you’re seeking feedback so you can get what you need to thrive.


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Gala Jackson

Gala Jackson is Ellevest’s lead executive career coach. She is passionate about helping women+ advance in their careers with clarity, courage, and confidence. Learn more about Gala here.