5 Career Resolutions and How to Hit Them

By Ellevest Team

If your 2019 resolution is to step on the gas in your career, we’re so here for that. We love helping women get out there and crush it — so here’s a roundup of our best advice for five work-related New Year’s resolutions.

5 Career Resolutions and How to Hit Them

Get that raise or promotion

Check out this article on how to ask for your next raise and then this one on using science to negotiate it. And (real talk) if this year’s annual review convo doesn’t go your way, now’s the time to start building up to your next opportunity to ask. Start by seeking out feedback on ways you can get better in your role — here’s an explainer on separating the good feedback from the bad. Then check out this article on other ways you can set yourself up for growth, achievement, and success.

Be your own boss

Time to do your own thing? If you’re thinking of starting (or staying) small with a freelance side hustle, check out this article on a smart approach setting your rates.

And if you’re ready to set out on your own entrepreneurial road trip, here’s an explainer on how to make it happen, how to fund your business, and some classic mistakes to avoid if you’re going to be pitching to investors.

Get perspective on the work / life thing

Parenthood and career: There’s no denying that doing both at once is tough. Ellevest CEO Sallie Krawcheck agrees — here’s how she manages her role as both entrepreneur and mom, and here are a few lessons she learned along the way.

Take a risk

Sometimes it’s time to make a change, and sometimes it’s time to make a really big change. Taking career risks might seem risky, but, in fact, we’d argue that not taking risks is even riskier. Here’s why.

So if your resolution this year is to shake things up, here’s Sallie’s advice on taking that risk. And here’s her advice on navigating any big transitions that come as a result. And if you’re looking to totally pivot into your career’s “third act” now that the kids are gone: We’ve got that too.

Be a leader

Looking to move into management (or higher management than you’re in now)? Check out what Sallie learned about leadership from the skeptics and why she almost didn’t take a leadership job (but ended up doing it anyway). And if your next move is joining a board of directors: Here’s how to do it.

Now that you’ve got the data, you’re ready to set those goals and make that plan. Climb rungs and take names. And make 2019 your best career year yet.


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