Ellevest Impact Area Spotlight: The Women-Led Venture Fund

By Dr. Sylvia Kwan

2021 was a complicated year for women founders. They enjoyed a record-high year for dollars raised, but at the same time, the venture capital market also posted massive gains overall — which ultimately meant that those women still only saw roughly 2% of total venture capital dollars invested. And those numbers only got smaller for Black and Latinx women founders, and even smaller when you look at later stages of funding. Why do women founders receive so little funding? For starters, just 15% of partners at VC firms are women.

At Ellevest, our mission is to get more money into the hands of women. Our Private Wealth team, in particular, specializes in helping you invest for impact, supporting companies committed to making the world better for women. But we don’t stop at traditional investments like stocks and bonds. We believe that alternative investments can provide opportunities to invest directly toward impact — so we’re highlighting a few to give you a sense of the kind of difference your money can make through investments at Ellevest.

One area of impact we offer our clients is the opportunity to invest in funds of young companies founded and led by women. This “women-led venture fund”* — is part of a global investment organization (also led by women) that specifically addresses gender disparities in venture capital funding by investing in teams where women hold positions of power, equity, and influence.

Here’s how they do it.

The strategy: Filtering out funding bias

Inclusive teams outperform. That truth is also the motto that guides the women-led venture fund’s approach to investing. To combat the unconscious biases that fuel the gender and race disparities in funding, the fund has developed a proprietary process to minimize them as they source and screen new candidate companies. It’s a documented and rigorously tested methodology that has evolved from the collective insights from thousands of experts to reliably identify and cultivate success for high-potential ventures (led by women, of course!).

The result: Women-led companies connect with the funding they deserve

Since starting investment activity in 2013, the global investment organization has connected companies with over $730 million in outside capital, and directly invested over $37 million into women-led companies themselves. Among those companies:

  • Candesant Biomedical, a clinical-stage company that offers an uncomplicated, effective, and non-invasive alternative to current therapies for hyperhidrosis — also known as excessive sweating. Founded by a Black woman with 25 years of experience in product development, and with an all-women C-suite and an experienced team behind it, Candesant has a target market of over 84 million who could benefit from their technology. The lead product — a topical patch administered via a quick, in-office procedure — is both affordable and highly sought after by consumers; the pay structure for physicians who offer it is attractive as well.

  • Pallet, a company working to end unsheltered homelessness and offer people a second chance at employment. The transitional shelter villages it builds are designed to help bridge the gap from living on the street to finding permanent housing. When a resident moves into Pallet’s temporary housing, they also have immediate access to support services provided by cities and municipalities such as meals, hygiene facilities, a case manager, and more. To date, Pallet has assisted over 4,000 people with 1,764 cabins in 63 shelter villages. In addition to helping end unsheltered homelessness, Pallet's shelters are relevant to international disaster response efforts and people displaced from their homes.

Looking toward the future is critical to the organization, too. That’s why it’s also working specifically to invest in young companies led by Latinx and Black women, who regularly experience the worst of both racial and gender funding gaps. Back in 2018, while 40% of companies failed nationally, only 27% of Latinx- and Black women–led companies did. Nevertheless, the median seed funding for Black women-founded companies is still just $125,000 — when the national median was $2.5 million in 2020.

Doing our part to close the funding gap

Ellevest was founded by women, for women, so we know first-hand how challenging the funding search can be. We’re proud to be working directly with a venture capital fund that helps to connect early-stage companies with the resources they need to thrive.

And that’s just one example of the kinds of impact alternatives you might find in an Ellevest Private Wealth client portfolio. Talk with your Ellevest advisor today to find out more about how your investments could help close the funding gap for good.

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Dr. Sylvia Kwan

Dr. Sylvia Kwan is the Chief Investment Officer of Ellevest.