Investing With Ellevest ... Is Different

By Sallie Krawcheck

At Ellevest, we've aimed to create a new way of investing, because the old way has historically kept women from achieving their financial goals.

The old way of investing: built by men, for men, with financial advisors and traders who are still today 86% to 90% men. Still, today.

The new way: built by women, for women, with thousands of hours of research, design, and conversations with women about what you're actually looking for in investing.

The old way: Pay 1% of your assets or more to invest.

The new way: Pay anywhere from a quarter to half of that to invest with Ellevest.

The old way: You have to decide how risk tolerant you are. What does that even mean?

The new way: You share your goals with us. We create a personalized investment portfolio, with investment risk to help you reach your goals and no more risk than that.

The old way: You need to have a ton of money to start investing.

The new way: at Ellevest, no minimums. Literally no minimums at Ellevest.

The old way: Invest with a broker/dealer who must show you suitable investments.

The new way: Invest with a fiduciary like Ellevest who's required to act in your best interest.

The old way: Invest only for a financial return.

The new way: We can choose investments that aim to both advance women and give us a fair return. Game changer.

The old way: It's all about beating the market.

The new way: It's all about you reaching your goals.

At Ellevest, it's our mission to unleash women's financial power and get more money in the hands of more women, and that's very different from the old way.


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Sallie Krawcheck

Sallie Krawcheck is the Co-Founder & CEO of Ellevest. Her life’s mission is to help women to reach their financial and professional goals.