5 New Ways to Work With an Ellevest Coach

By Ellevest Team

Working with a coach can be the superpower that helps kick your money and career goals into high gear. But great coaches can be hard to find or simply out of reach financially — which is why affordable coaching is central to our mission here at Ellevest. We want you to succeed.

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We recently added five new coaching sessions and packages designed to help you achieve your goals. (As always, Ellevest members get up to 50% off.) Here’s everything new, at a glance — and scroll down for more info on each one.

New coaching sessions and packages

1:1 Money Checkup + Career Coach Q&A

Chances are, if you’ve got questions about your money goals, you’ve probably got questions about your career goals, too. (You’re a go-getter, after all.) Especially if you’re just starting out or navigating a big change — new job, new salary. That’s where this set of two coaching sessions comes in. In a 1:1 call with your money coach, they can help answer a financial question or two. In a 1:1 call with your career coach, they can help you start to think through a challenge that’s popped up in your work life and identify the next steps you might want to take.

Book a money checkup and career coach Q&A bundle here.

1:1 Negotiation Strategy + Budgeting and Spending

Do more for your salary — and more with it, with this combination of two of our most popular 1:1 coaching sessions. In your Negotiation Strategy session, your career coach will help you make a plan so you can walk into a negotiation conversation with confidence. In your Budgeting and Spending session, your money coach will deep dive into your daily expenses and help you create a budget with your goals in mind. And the best part? You get to choose which session to use first.

Book a negotiation and budgeting bundle here.

1:1 Career Coaching for Recent Grads

There’s a lot to navigate as you graduate from school and begin to build a career you’ll love. That’s where having a partner — your Ellevest career coach — can help. In this set of four 1:1 sessions, your coach will go over what to expect and help you make a game plan for four steps in the process: job searching, resume submission, interviewing, and negotiation. You’ll walk away feeling prepared and confident, with expert advice and personalized resources to help support the start of your journey.

Book a career coaching experience for recent grads here.

1:1 Full Financial Planning Package

You’ve got dreams — big dreams. Overlapping dreams. Dreams that all, somehow, have to fit together like a puzzle someday. What should you do today to help make that future a reality? That’s where a full financial plan comes in handy — and an Ellevest CFP® Professional can help you build one. In this set of two 1:1 calls, your financial planner will get to know your goals and finances, run them through multiple what-if scenarios, and then help you settle on a financial plan you can use today to help build the life you want.

Book a full financial planning package here.

1:1 Investment Review Package

Ellevest’s app is designed to make investing for your goals easy. But if your wealth is spread across account types and asset classes, you might need more personalized advice. In this set of two 1:1 sessions, your advisor can analyze your investments outside Ellevest and help you better align your portfolio with your goals. You’ll walk away with a report outlining your advisor's recommendations, plus how to implement them. (This session is designed for those with between $100K and $900K in assets invested outside of Ellevest.)

Book an investment review package here.

More coaching sessions you can book now

Here’s a rundown of the other ways you can work with a money or career coach. (If you’re new to coaching and don’t have an urgent question about a specific topic, we suggest getting started with a Money Checkup and / or Career Coach Q&A session so we can get to know each other.)

You can explore and compare all of Ellevest’s coaching sessions — and book time to get started on your next money and career goals — here.


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