9 Resources to Help Grads Start Planning For the Future

By Ellevest Team

For recent grads, last year was … tough. And maybe — probably! — not at all what you expected. But you did it: You sat for those finals, turned in those papers, and took that step into adulthood. You. Are. Awesome. And given how resilient your graduating class is, you’re probably already asking yourself, “What’s next?” That’s where we come in.

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Ellevest’s money and career pros have put together a ton of resources to help you make smart money and career moves as you enter the real world. Which is why we’ve rounded up all of our freshest grad-related content here for you, for easy reference. (And yes, loving parents, friends, cool aunts, mentors — you should definitely forward this virtual life raft along to the grads you know.)

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Smart Money Moves for New College Grads

Paychecks are good! You know what’s better? Having a plan to know what to do with them. Our ridiculously thorough money starter guide for grads has advice about what to do with your money right now, including how to create a goal-based budget, start an emergency fund (yes, you need one), and build A+ money habits.

Advice for Grads on Job Searching Right Now

There’s a lot of competition in the job market right now, which can feel intimidating. But you’ve got this. Here’s our best advice to help you get through it and come out on top. (Preview: Yes, you should still dream big!)

And there’s more where that came from

Scroll through our articles on investing, personal finance, career, and (our specialty) financial feminism.

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A Career Q&A for Recent Grads

Looking ahead, how will you find your way to the right opportunity, negotiate your first salary, or stand out in the interview process? (In, like, a good way). We’ve got you. Get answers to these and other career-related questions on May 26 at our free, open-to-everyone Q&A event with Ellevest’s career coaches.

Smart Money Moves for Students and New Grads

Everything in the article above — and then some — but live. Join Ellevest’s team of money coaches June 2 or June 10 for a special members-only online workshop to help you learn what you need to know about budgeting, student loans, investing, and other ways to start building your financial foundation. (Not a member? Get started for as little as $1.)

Again, we’ve got more

We have a full lineup of live events and workshops on all sorts of topics, from investing to salary negotiation — get the schedule here.

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4-Week Career Planning Course + Live Coaching Office Hours

Career goals are good. You know what’s better? A plan to make them happen. Each email in this four-week course will give you tools (including a 20+ page journaling workbook!) to help you make an intentional career plan. Then tune in for live, virtual weekly office hours with your coach, where you can ask questions, discuss challenges, and celebrate wins.

You guessed it — there’s even more

Ellevest members have access to a whole dashboard of email courses, live workshops, videos, and more to help them level up their money and career. Read about everything on offer here.

To level up

Need some one-on-one guidance? We’ve got you there, too. Our money and career coaches can help you get established, whether you could use a guide to get you set up or just a second pair of eyes on what you’ve already got on deck. (Pssst — these also make great gifts.) Try one of these sessions to get you started on the right foot.

Money Checkup + Career Coach Q&A

Money questions, career questions — you’ve got a lot of questions. Ask them and get answers in this set of two sessions.

Career Coaching for Recent Grads

Work with a coach to make a game plan for the big four: job searching, resume submission, interviewing, and negotiation. (Or you can book sessions to tackle them one by one: career clarity, resume review, interview prep and practice, and negotiation strategy.)

Budgeting and Spending

A coach can help you create a spending plan that actually works for you. You’ll walk away with the tools to tackle your biggest budget challenges.

Ditch the Debt

A coach can help you put together a smart, strategic plan of attack for paying off your student loans and credit card debt.

And … more.

Check out all the ways you can work with a money or career coach in the Ellevest Store.

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You’re resilient. You’re ready. You’ve got this.


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