Upcoming Workshops and Live Office Hours to Help Answer Your Money Questions

By Ellevest Team

Our financial planners, investing team, and career coaches are here to help you with the guidance you need about making financial decisions right now.

We’re committed to answering your questions personally as they come in — whether you’re an Ellevest client or a member of our community. Read what others have asked here, where we’re anonymizing and collecting them to help our community. If your question isn’t answered there, send it to us at questions@ellevest.com, and we’ll answer it personally as quickly as we can.

Below is a list of upcoming events and resources for our community. We’ll be updating this article every time we have something new for you, so bookmark it and keep it handy.

Live Office Hours

Office Hours are paused right now, but we’ll be back soon.

Free online workshops

How Investing Works, hosted by Lead Financial Planner Rachel Sanborn Lawrence. Sign up for free here.

  • Monday, July 13 at 5 PM EDT

What to Do if You’ve Lost Your Job, with Lead Career Coach Stephenie Girard and Financial Planner Rachel Rabinovich. Sign up for free here.

  • Tuesday, July 14 at 1:30 PM EDT

What You Should Do With Your Money Now: Answers to Five Common Questions, with Lead Financial Planner Rachel Sanborn Lawrence. Sign up for free here.

  • Thursday, July 23 at 10 AM EDT

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