A Graduation Gift That Can Actually Change Their Life

By Ellevest Team

This past year was anything but easy for recent grads. Everyone who survived a year of remote learning and a Zoom graduation deserves applause. (👏 👏 👏) But after over a year with an uncertain job market, economic turmoil, and shifting workforce norms, applause won’t be enough to help them start their post-grad life off strong.

That’s where graduation gifts come in — that’s where you come in. And tbh, one of the best ways you can help is by giving them tools to jumpstart their financial journey. Tools like money and career coaching.

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Money and career coaching is the perfect fit for grads

There are a lot of things college doesn’t teach you, especially about managing money. But the sooner grads can start building a strong financial foundation, the better.

That’s going to apply to all aspects of a grad’s financial life, from everyday spending to long-term planning. Knowing how to budget will make it easier to make progress toward their goals … and not accidentally overspend on a shiny new salary (relatable). Saving for emergencies takes time and patience. Paying off debt sooner will mean paying less in interest overall. And historically, sooner has been better for investing, too, thanks to the power of compound returns.

But a strong financial foundation isn’t only about how much we spend / save / invest — it’s also about how much we earn. And the salary a new grad earns in the formative years of their career (whether from a strong initial job offer or knocking it out of the park once they start) is key, because it will serve as the jumping-off point for all their future raises.

Our money and career coaches are here to help grads make a smart plan to manage their money, navigate their career, and set and hit goals. Below, we’ve rounded up a few specific ways coaching can help — all your grad needs now is an Ellevest gift card to fund that first step in their financial journey.

Ways your grad can use their Ellevest gift card

Get their money and career questions answered

Graduating college is a big life change, so naturally it comes with a lot of questions. Where should you start your job search? What benefits should you take advantage of at a new job? How much should you save for emergencies?

In our set of Money Checkup + Career Coach Q&A sessions, recent grads can work 1:1 with both a money coach and a career coach to gut-check the next steps they should take for their post-college financial and work life. That way, those big questions won’t feel as big as they did before.

Cost if they’re an Ellevest member: Starting at $175
Cost if they’re not a member: $350

Set intentions for their career

Whether they’re still job hunting or ready to hit the ground running in a new role, setting career goals helps, but having a plan to hit them is even better. They can sign up for June’s four-week intentional career planning email course.

Each week’s email will give them the tools and resources (including a 20+ page journaling workbook) to strategize and reflect on their values and goals. Then they can tune in for live, virtual office hours with a career coach to ask questions, discuss challenges, and celebrate wins alongside other people taking the course, too.

Cost if they’re an Ellevest member: Starting at $25
Cost if they’re not a member: $50

Find a job: from the start...

Searching for a job is tricky enough under normal circumstances, but these days — between the state of the economy, Zoom interviews, and uncertainty about when (or if) new hires will need to relocate — the hunt is even more complicated. A career coach can help grads navigate the current job landscape and find their edge as they apply.

With our Career Coaching for Recent Grads experience, they’ll get personalized advice and a game plan for the whole process, from beginning to end: job searching, resume writing, interviewing, and negotiation. That way, they can tackle it with confidence.

This one can make a great gift from the whole family.

Cost if they’re an Ellevest member: Starting at $447.50
Cost if they’re not a member: $895

...or à la carte

Of course, plenty of grads already have some of the pieces of the job-search puzzle in place. If your grad doesn’t need help with every step of the process, our coaches can still help them with specific parts, one by one. For example, if they’re not sure what career path feels right for them, a Career Clarity coaching experience could help them find direction. Our Resume Review coaching session could be perfect for someone who just needs a little extra support in the application process. Our Interview Prep and Practice experience could be great for someone who has an interview on the calendar. And if they’re closing in on a job offer, our Negotiation Strategy coaching session can help them prep for those conversations, too.

Cost if they’re an Ellevest member, respectively: Starting at $175, $200, $212.50, $95
Cost if they’re not a member, respectively: $350, $400, $425, $190

Create a realistic budget

For most grads, this will be the first time they’ll be earning a significant income — and facing a full suite of bills to match. Plus, a new stage of life can come with extra unexpected expenses, like a cross-country move (or, if they’ll be working from home for a while, a new home-office setup).

In a Budgeting and Spending coaching session, recent grads can work with a money coach to create a comprehensive budget and spending plan that covers all the bases, from paying bills, covering large expenses, saving, and investing. They’ll walk away with a one-page plan that can help them get set with good money habits from day one.

Cost if they’re an Ellevest member: Starting at $87.50
Cost if they’re not a member: $175

Ditch their debt

College often saddles grads with two kinds of debt: student loans and, because they probably had limited income (if any), credit cards. Not-so-fun fact: Women hold nearly two-thirds of student debt in the US, and it takes them an average of two years longer than men to pay it off (lookin’ at you, gender pay gap). Plus, women are more likely to carry a credit card balance and pay higher interest rates.

With a Ditch the Debt coaching session, our coaches can help grads make a game plan for paying off loans and credit cards. They’ll get a prioritized list of debts to pay off first, and a paydown calendar for the next three months to get them started.

Cost if they’re an Ellevest member: Starting at $100
Cost if they’re not a member: $200

Give grads a gift that will last

When you give the gift of coaching, you’re telling someone that you’re really invested in their future — and their long-term success. And when they land that dream job? We have the perfect tote for their first day at work.


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