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Why For Women

86% of Investment Advisors Are Men, With an Average Age of 50+

So the “gender-neutral” investment industry defaults to men’s salaries, career paths, preferences and lifespans.

That’s not good enough.
So, we’re changing the game.

Your Salary Is Different… and Not How You’d Think

How much you earn determines how much you can invest toward your goals — and this differs drastically for women and men over their careers.

Only we factor in these differences to give you a better chance of reaching those goals.

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Salary Differences By Gender In Today’s Dollars
From age 30, both have a bachelor’s degree & start with a salary of $85k
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“Gender-Neutral” Investing Fails Women

A retirement scenario for a man and a woman, both 30 years old with bachelor’s degrees, earning $85,000 & investing 10% of their salaries.

His key His Retirement Hers key Her Retirement
At Age 67, She’ll Have
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Because of the gender pay gap, she’ll have about $320,000 less when they retire at 67…

How Many Years Will It Last?
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…so her money could last 6 years less than his, even though she’s likely to live 3 to 5 years longer.

His key His Retirement Scenario Hers key Her Retirement Scenario

What Ellevest Does Differently

  • Real World Goals

    We calculate financial goal targets to meet your specific needs, including a larger retirement target amount for your longer lifespan. MORE

  • Tailored Recommendations

    We suggest how much you should contribute based on your financial profile, a gender-specific salary curve & your goal targets. MORE

  • No Cookie-Cutter Portfolios

    We use insights on your finances and gender to build investment portfolios to help you reach your goals or better in 70% of markets. MORE

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Mind the (Other) Gap:
Investing Now vs. Getting a Raise

Yes, you should totally ask for the raise — but investing now can actually have a bigger impact on your financial future than boosting your salary by 30%.

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