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Sylvia Kwan’s Not Into “Picking Winners”

“Achieving your financial goals is the whole point of investing — not how markets perform.”

— Sylvia Kwan, Chief Investment Officer

So… What About Beating the Market?

The market goes up and down, but your financial goals are often constant. That’s why we’re not only focused on maximizing your returns — but also, helping you reach your goal target (or higher) in 70% of market scenarios.

Historically Weak Markets
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Historically Strong Markets
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  • Legend averagebtm Average Investor Proxy
  • Legend highbtm S&P 500 Proxy
  • Legend goalbased Goal-Based Portfolio Proxy
About Past Performance

As for which strategy earns higher returns, in general, an all-equity “beat the market” strategy has yielded better returns in up markets. A “goal-based” strategy has historically done better during tougher times.