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Your Next Great Money Habit

Hint: it’s investing. And it’s easier to do than you might think.

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Getting Rid of Student Loans, One Step at a Time

The best way to pay off your student loans? With a plan.

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Closing the Unpaid Labor Gap

From Mind the Gap, our guide to closing gender gaps: Share your workload

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Closing the Gender Pricing Gap

From Mind the Gap, our guide to closing gender gaps: Pay the same, not more

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Closing the Gender Investing Gap

From Mind the Gap, our guide to closing gender gaps: Invest for your future

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Closing the Gender Debt Gap

From Mind the Gap, our guide to closing gender gaps: Take on your debt

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10 Ways To Motivate Yourself To Invest

So you can stop putting off tomorrow what you can invest today.

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Tackling Student Debt So You’re Free to Invest

Lessons on debt so you can handle the pay-it-off-or-invest dilemma.

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Five Things You Need To Know About Investing

Spoiler alert: It’s not rocket science.

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In Love? What You Should Still Know About Divorce

Even if you’re happily married, you still need to get a full financial picture from your spouse.

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What Does Brexit Mean for Your Investments?

Don’t just “do something.” Read this first.

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7 Investing Mistakes Women Make

They’re different from men…and not what you think.

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The Worst Money Advice I’ve Heard Lately

Well-meaning, but bad ideas women should ignore.

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Money Cheat Sheet

9 Things Every Woman Should Know

The Real Connection Between Health & Wealth

A long and healthy life means financial well-being, too.

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Increase Your Earnings by Freelancing

Expand your cash flow and expertise at the same time

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Good Debt, Bad Debt

What’s okay to keep, and what to pay off immediately.

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Married. With Money.

5 Steps to a Productive “Money Meeting” With Your Partner

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8 Myths That Hold Women Back From Investing

Stakes are too high to let these falsehoods stand in our way.

The Top 10 Financial Mistakes Women Make

Identify these common missteps to avoid making them yourself and take control of your finances.

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The Cost of Cash

Saving your money is good. Investing it is better.