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Access the first and only investing algorithm that takes into account realities for women, like career breaks, pay gaps, and longer lifespans.


Join an online community of more than 3 million women on a mission to close the gender money gaps and get more money in the hands of women. 


Sign up for workshops or book 1:1 sessions with Ellevest coaches — they’re here to help you reach your goals with confidence.

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What do you get when you join Ellevest?

What do I get when I join Ellevest?

Turn money from a source of stress to a source of strength and level up your career — all in one app.

2021 winner for Best
Robo-Advisor for IRA Investing

Start with just $1. 


Who can become an Ellevest member?

Ellevest was founded to help close the gender money gaps, but we welcome clients of all gender identities and expressions. Our digital investing platform uses gender-specific salary curves and longevity data to provide personalized recommendations and forecasts for your goals. Ellevest is only able to serve clients living in the contiguous US as well as in Alaska and Hawaii.

Why for women?

The financial services industry was built by men, for men — which means it was not built for women.

Case in point: 99% of investment management firms are owned by white men; 86% of financial advisors are men; more than 90% of professional stock traders are men; and the list goes on.

Financial advice is not gender-neutral. Women’s financial lives are different — we tend to get paid less, stop getting raises a decade earlier, live longer (which means we need to rely on our retirement accounts for longer), have more debt, do more unpaid labor, get fewer promotions … and so on.

Isn’t it time for a financial company built by women, for women?

Ellevest’s digital investing platform brings women’s real lives into the data model so that we can give you more tailored financial advice — advice that we believe can be more likely to help you hit your goals.


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