A New Financial Era

The current system wasn’t built for the realities of being you.

So we’re changing the game.

What’s Behind The Scenes
  • Obsessive Number Crunching
  • Proprietary Technology & Algorithms
  • Thousands of Market Simulations
  • Patent Filed
  • Decades of Wall Street Experience

All About Your Goals

Save for a down payment on a house. Retire like a boss. Build wealth just because. Whatever your goal is, we’ll give you a customized portfolio to help you nail it.

Why for Women?

We’re not just “shrinking and pinking” an old investment model. We’ve built a whole new approach.

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Your Earnings

Ellevest is the only digital advisor that takes women’s unique, lifetime salary curve into account, not just your current salary.

Your XX Factor

Investing shouldn’t be unisex. We factor women’s risk preferences and longer lifespans into your plan.

Your Life

Women take more career breaks and deal with the gender pay gap. We help you invest to try to offset these losses.

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Super Specific, Totally Realistic

You Tell Us Your Goal

I want $200,000 to start my own business in 5 years.

I can start with $40,000 and add $2,000 monthly.

We Create & Manage Your Portfolio
Home portfolio example
  • 50% Stocks
  • 30% Bonds
  • 20% Alts

Don’t Worry About “Doing it Right”

Want to spend all day managing your portfolio? Yeah, we didn’t think so.

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Risk That’s Right For You

Each of your goals gets a unique investment portfolio with a balance of stocks and bonds to help you best reach your goal.

Active Portfolio Monitoring

We check your portfolio daily, rebalance if needed, and alert you if you fall off track.

Diversified & Cost Effective

Your customized portfolio offers a range of diverse and low-cost ETFs.

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The Ellevest Difference

Home difference greaterlikelihood

A Greater Likelihood of Reaching Your Goals

Ellevest recommendations are set to help you reach your goal amount, or more, in 70% of market scenarios — other advisors only shoot for 50%.

Home difference projections

Realistic Projections

Your goal estimate includes what we estimate you’ll pay in taxes on interest income, dividends, and realized capital gains to give you clear expectations.

Home difference risk

Vigilant Risk Management

Ellevest portfolios become more conservative as you get closer to your specific goal date to help reduce loss during market movements and increase your likelihood of reaching your goal. Sort of like gliding toward the finish line.

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About the Founder
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Hard-Earned Experience for an Awesome Future

Ellevest was founded by Sallie Krawcheck, a former Wall Street CEO and industry veteran who was called “The Last Honest Analyst” by Fortune, and one of Fast Company’s “Most Creative People in Business.” She’s teamed up with brilliant analysts, entrepreneurs, and engineers to create Ellevest and help women financially.

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The Numbers

What Does Ellevest Cost?



of assets under management

For an account with $10,000 in assets, about $50 a year.

Traditional Advisor


of assets under management

For an account with $10,000 in assets, about $150 a year.

How did we get this price?

Feel free to start small — Ellevest has no minimum balance.

Feel free to start small — Ellevest has no minimum balance, and your personalized financial plan is our gift to you whether you invest with us or not.

Pricing Details
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