Account Protection


We never sell or share your personal information with a third party that would market or advertise their products to you.

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The money in your account is SIPC-insured up to $500,000.

What is SIPC Insurance?
Browser Encryption

We use the most advanced browser encryption available.

Fraud Mitigation

Id Verification

Our rigorous process helps to ensure you’re really “you.”

2-Step Linking

We added another step for correct withdrawals and deposits.

Session Timeouts

We sign you out in case you forget. When you sign back in, you’ll pick up where you left off.

Password Standards

Sorry, you can’t use “password” for your password here!

For Your Benefit

Ellevest has chosen Folio, an independent custodian to safeguard your assets. As your advisor, Ellevest manages your investment funds and Folio follows our specific trade instructions to execute transactions for your goals.

What is Folio?