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A Retirement Plan Personalized to You

We look at your earnings power, age, education level, and gender – combined with your retirement dreams – to create a plan that fits your real life.

Low fees 

A “goal-based” investment strategy, which has historically done better during tougher times MORE

A plan that can reflect all your retirement accounts, not just the ones with Ellevest 

The ability to adjust your deposits, timeline, or goal number any time 

If you’re off track, we let you know – and recommend ways to get back on track 

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Investing for Retirement Is Different for Everyone

See a Few Examples

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Meet Tia

Meet “Tia

She’s 32 years old and makes $127,000 a year. She’s a sales rep living in Los Angeles, is single, and has 1 child.

Tip to Prioritize

Student loans exist, but there’s no such thing as a retirement loan. Dial back on retirement if you’re saving for kids ... but don’t stop entirely.

Tia’s Accounts

401(k) at work
Roth IRA (for tax-free withdrawals when she retires)

Personalize Yours
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A Team to Help You All the Way

Concierge Team

to our Concierge Team by phone or email whenever questions come up.


As a fiduciary, your interests come first. We’ll tell you whether moving to Ellevest is the right choice. (No kidding.)

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1:1 retirement help from a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERProfessional with Ellevest Premium.

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