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Access Ellevest’s carefully curated offering of customizable investments, managed by an all-women team and Chief Investment Officer Dr. Sylvia Kwan.

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Ellevest’s differentiated alternative platform is designed to earn competitive returns by offering private investments that are less sensitive to market volatility.

We invest your money through underrepresented asset managers — nearly 80% of our investment managers have a woman and/or person of color on their senior investing team (versus 2% for the broader industry).

We believe investing in ‌issues that disproportionately affect women can drive higher returns and impact.

Discover how you can invest in a range of private, impact-focused alternative investments.

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Our diversified investment portfolios are constructed bespoke for you with the potential to provide competitive returns and make the world better for women, our planet — and for us all.

Small cap stocks. Global stocks. Municipal bonds. Real estate. Venture-stage companies. Renewable energy. At Ellevest, we take our diversification seriously.

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Each Ellevest investment portfolio is constructed with a high degree of personalization to help you pursue financial returns and invest for impact across your entire portfolio. (In the words of CEO Sallie Krawcheck, “Nothing bad happens when women have more money.”) 

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There's a massive need for financial products that serve women. Not just market to them. Ellevest is the only financial company founded by, funded by, built for, and investing in women.

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Read more from our team of industry leaders, including Ellevest CEO Sallie Krawcheck and CIO Dr. Sylvia Kwan.

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“In one word, working on my financial plan with my advisor makes me feel ‘powerful.’

Lisa w. Georgia

I don’t think I would have made it through all the financial tribulations thrown in my path without Ashley [Ellevest financial advisor].”

carolyn b. Massachusetts

Testimonials were given by clients of Ellevest, Inc. Testimonials are representative of the client's views at the time collected, may not be representative of the experiences of other clients and do not provide a guarantee of future performance success or a similar experience or services.

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