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Ellevest’s financial guidance can help you build your wealth, reach your goals — and experience a newfound confidence along the way.

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Why Ellevest’s financial guidance?

All-women CFP® pros

Our planners have met rigorous education and training standards and always put your interests first

No investment minimums

You decide whether (and how much) to invest with us when you work with one of our planners

Upfront pricing

We charge by the session (with a client discount of up to 50%), so you always know what you’re paying

How our team can support you

Work individually with a dedicated financial planner on everything from a budget to a detailed financial plan.

Planning for More Package
If you need help with the fundamentals (like budgeting and paying off debt).
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2 sessions
Comprehensive Planning Package
If you need help making tradeoffs and a plan to reach multiple, overlapping goals.
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Comprehensive Planning Package + Tax Strategy
Our ultimate package — with an added tax planning session and unlimited email support.
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Learn more (and ask questions) about a particular topic in a live, online workshop led by a financial planner.

60 Min
Investing, Part 1: How It All Works
If you’re new to investing and curious about what goes into it (in general and at Ellevest).
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60 Min
Planning for Your Dream Retirement
If you’re in the early stages of thinking about (and planning for) your retirement.
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45 Min
How to Pay Off Debt
If you need help prioritizing debts, lowering interest rates, and making a payoff plan.
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All About the Benefits of Ellevest
Learn exactly how an Ellevest plan can set you up for financial success.
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Tackle your finances on your own time with downloadable worksheets created by our financial planners.

One-Number Budget Template
Calculate your “one number” — the amount you can afford to spend each week.
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Emergency Fund Calculator Worksheet
Figure out how much you should save for a rainy day, and how long it’ll take.
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Core Values Worksheet
Identify your core values to help guide all your financial  decisions (and others).
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kate s., cfp® pro

“I learned more from her in a 15-minute intro call than I did in meetings with two other financial advisors.” - Alexandra R.*

sofia F., CFP® pro

“It felt like we were a team working to get to a goal together. I love the educational, yet collaborative approach to financial planning.” - Taylor C.*

Victoria S., CFP® pro

“I cannot even put into words how happy I am with hiring a CFP® pro from @Ellevest. Wow.” - Taylor T.*

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* Testimonials were given by clients of Ellevest, Inc. Testimonials are representative of the client's views at the time collected, may not be representative of the experiences of other clients, and do not provide a guarantee of future performance success or a similar experience or services.

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What types of financial planning does Ellevest offer?

Ellevest’s financial planners are here to help you work toward your goals in whatever format fits your schedule (and your budget) the best.

1:1 sessions: Work privately with a financial planner, either on something specific — like building a budget, making a plan to pay off debt, or strategizing a long-term financial plan — or with an open-ended, ongoing relationship. They’ll get to know you and give you guidance unique to your personal financial situation.

Live workshops: Tune in for a 45- to 60-minute workshop hosted by a financial planner on Zoom, with topics ranging from how investing works to how to build a full financial wellness practice. They’ll leave time for live Q&A, too.

Ellevest clients get up to 50% off all 1:1 sessions and can attend workshops for free.

Can you help me decide which financial planning session I should purchase?

Absolutely — you can sign up for a free 15-minute call with a financial planner. They’ll learn more about the challenges you’re facing and help you decide which of our financial planning sessions might be right for you.

(Wondering about becoming an Ellevest client? Start with the chatbox widget on this page.)

Who will I be working with, and what are their certifications?

Our financial planners have years of experience helping women go after their goals, and they truly want you to succeed. They have diverse backgrounds, reflect our community, and bring a wealth of knowledge to every conversation. We think you’ll love them as much as we do.

Ellevest’s all-women team of financial planners are all CFP® professionals, or CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals. This means they’ve met the coursework, exam, and extensive work experience requirements outlined by the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, Inc. 

Learn more about each of our financial planners.

Can I work with a financial planner on an ongoing basis?

Yes! If you start with a single session and would like to be matched with the same financial planner in the future, feel free to reach out to us at to confirm their availability and we’ll follow up with next steps to keep the momentum going!

Ellevest’s multi-session financial planning packages are designed to help you build an ongoing relationship with your financial planner. There are two options for working with them on an ongoing basis.

Planning for More Package: Great for people who need help with spending, saving, budgeting, debt planning, and / or retirement planning. Over the course of 12 months, you’ll get two 60-minute, plus one 30-minute check-in and unlimited emails with the same Ellevest CFP® pro.

Comprehensive Planning Package + Unlimited Support: Great for people who need help building a comprehensive financial plan. Over the course of 12 months, you’ll get three 60-minute phone calls and unlimited emails with the same CFP® pro.

PS: While you can’t currently choose your financial planner, everyone on our all-women team is trained, vetted, experienced, and (if we do say so ourselves) excellent at their jobs.

Can my partner be involved in the planning process? 

If you’re looking to plan with a partner, our Comprehensive Planning Package + Unlimited Support has you both covered. 

You, your partner, and your planner will take a deep dive into your family’s finances, then build an in-depth plan to reach your individual and shared goals. 

Do I have to transfer my assets to Ellevest in order to work with a financial planner? 

Nope. Although an Ellevest plan includes investing in addition to financial planning, you don’t have to transfer any invested assets to us — or even open an investment account with us — in order to work with a financial planner. 

Your planner will give guidance that factors in all of your investment and / or other financial accounts, even if they’re outside of Ellevest. 

Do I have to be an Ellevest client in order to work with a financial planner?

No, although we do recommend becoming an Ellevest client before purchasing a financial planning session — that way, you’ll get up to 50% off all sessions. 

How do I apply my Ellevest client discount?

There are two ways to apply your client discount when you purchase a session:

Option 1: Navigate to the Ellevest Store from inside the Ellevest app or website.
1. Log in to your Ellevest account.
2. From our desktop site or your phone’s mobile web browser, click “1:1 Planning” in the main navigation — that will bring you to the Ellevest Store. From the mobile app, tap the Learn tab, browse sessions in the Coaching section of the page, and tap any of them to get to the Ellevest Store.
3. You’ll see your client discount automatically applied at checkout.

Option 2: Input your client discount code during checkout.
To find it:
1. Log in to your Ellevest account.
2. Visit the Ellevest Plan page from your user menu.
3. Your client discount code will be listed among your plan benefits in your settings.

What happens after I purchase a 1:1 financial planning session or workshop?

After your purchase, you’ll have the opportunity to schedule your session or book your webinar from the confirmation page. If for any reason you are not able to complete the process for your 1:1 session at that time, check your inbox for an additional email that includes a link to schedule your session.

For 1:1 financial planning sessions:
1. You'll choose a date and time for your upcoming call.
2. You'll fill out a (typically quick) pre-session questionnaire. That will help your financial planner get up to speed on you and your personal situation so the two of you can hit the ground running from the very start of your call.
3. When it's time for your session, your financial planner will call you at the phone number you provided (or log in for your video call, if you booked a Comprehensive Planning Package or Retirement Planning Session and chose that option).
4. After the call, your financial planner will follow up with action steps, any deliverables they owe you, and resources to help you implement their advice.
5. If your purchase includes more than one session, they'll also send a link to book your next call.

For workshops:
1. You'll register for an upcoming date and time via Zoom.
2. Once registered, you'll get an automated email (and reminders) from Zoom with all the joining info.
3. If you miss your workshop, you'll get a link to register for a new date and time.