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Coaching at Ellevest


Get access to coaching sessions designed to help you prioritize your goals and build strengths.


Work with a team of career coaches and financial planners who want you to succeed.

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Walk away from each session with a realistic and actionable plan for your money or career.

Meet our coaches

Rachel Sanborn Lawrence

Lead Financial Planner, She/Her

With more than 18 years of experience, Rachel helps you tackle your money goals with realistic financial help that fits into your life.

Gala Jackson

Lead Executive Career Coach, She/Her

Gala is committed to helping you tap into your strengths, earn more, and advance your career with courage, clarity, and confidence.

Rachel Rabinovich

Financial Planner, She/Her

Specializing in personal financial wellness, Rachel believes money coaching can be a positive and powerful tool for changing lives.

Recommended sessions

“Being able to talk through my professional goals with someone who's fully focused on my long-term success has been absolutely transformative.”

–Elaine W.

“Ellevest’s coaching has led to incredible growth and progress forward in my career.”

–Karlie D.

Where women money.


How can I access Ellevest Coaching?

Members can access the Ellevest Store by selecting the Coaching tab in your Ellevest Account and then selecting a 1:1 session. You can also access Coaching through the Ellevest Store and apply your member discount at checkout.

Do I have a discount to Ellevest Coaching?

All Ellevest members have a discount on personalized 1:1 coaching sessions, which you can buy at the Ellevest Store. You can find your discount code and access all 1:1 sessions using the Learn tab in your Ellevest account.

There is a 20% discount for Essential members, 30% discount for Plus members, and 50% discount for Executive members.

Is there a cancellation/refund policy for purchases 1:1 sessions?

If you have scheduled your 1:1 session, you can request a full refund 24+ hours in advance of your scheduled session time. You can also request a 50% refund if you need to cancel your session within 24 hours of your scheduled time. To cancel, please reach out to


*Ellevest member discount ranges from 20% to 50% depending on monthly plan selection.