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Where women money

Invest for future goals, save for the short term, and navigate your career — all in one place.

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Our mission is to get more money in the hands of women — starting with you.

Private Wealth Management

Your financial needs and goals deserve a team of advisors that offer an intentional, transparent approach to wealth management to help you earn both investment and impact returns.


High and ultra high net worth individuals, families, and institutions

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Digital Investing

Reach your money and career goals with an investing platform, financial resources, and the career development tools you need to thrive. We make it easy to plan for retirement and invest to build wealth.


Women who want to invest for the future, save for the short term, and level up their careers.

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Money and Career Coaching

Join the thousands of women who’ve worked with a coach to take control of their money and feel confident about what’s next with 1:1 coaching, small-group sessions, and live workshops.


Women who want to negotiate their salary, work with a CFP® professional, and more.

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I love the powerful messages directed at women+ and how straightforward Ellevest makes financial goal planning.

— Julia C.

I consistently feel supported and love getting to attend workshops as a member. I'm always learning something new and feel very comfortable with where my money is. I also love the option to invest in impact portfolios!

— Safiya N.

Ellevest has changed how I think about money, and has therefore changed my life and my future. I now mention investing / Ellevest to pretty much every woman (and also many men) I meet! 

— Rachael B.

So far everything has been simple to use and just what I was looking for — no fuss investing. I'm LOVING the educational classes and resources.

— Rebecca H.

Testimonials were given by clients of Ellevest, Inc. Testimonials are representative of the client's views at the time collected, may not be representative of the experiences of other clients and do not provide a guarantee of future performance success or a similar experience or services.

Ways to invest in your financial wellness

Membership at Ellevest

You could be losing out on hundreds of thousands of dollars over time by saving your money rather than investing it. Our digital membership helps you turn money from a source of stress to a source of strength — and build the future you want.

What membership can offer

Impact investing, retirement tools, and free workshops

Up to 50% off all money and career coaching sessions

Banking to earn cash back and save while you spend

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Private Wealth Management

Private wealth management for high and ultra high net worth individuals, families, and institutions that helps you build a better world for women with a custom investment and financial plan based on your specific goals. 

How we can work together

Aligning your investments with your values

Personalized planning and investment management

Building your legacy and navigating life events

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Money and Career Coaching

Our team of women career coaches and CFP® professionals are here to help you broaden your job search, guide you through the negotiation process, and align your money and career goals with your values.


Money Checkup

Career Clarity Coaching

Full Financial Planning Package

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Ellevest was built by women, for women. The financial industry wasn’t.

Ellevest’s mission is to get more money in the hands of women. For us, this isn’t just the-marketing-initiative-of-the-month; it’s all we do. And it permeates the company, where we’re committed to making sure that underrepresented groups are overrepresented — among our employee base, our board, and our investors.

We’re fueled by our shared belief that nothing bad happens when women have more money. And we’re energized by the act of building a company that’s unlike any other out there. 

Against all odds, Ellevest is doing what has never been done — because we don’t have time for the industry to catch up.

sallie krawcheck,
co-founder and ceo

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Ellevest Membership fees are as follows: Ellevest Essential is $1 per month, Ellevest Plus is $5 per month, and Ellevest Executive is $9 per month. Other fees as described in Ellevest’s Wrap Fee Program Brochure and the Ellevest Membership Terms and Conditions Agreement will continue to apply. 

Ellevest doesn’t require Members to maintain a minimum investment account balance. However, there are portfolio-specific minimums (ranging from $1 to approximately $240). You may not receive the entire recommended portfolio until your account balance meets the respective portfolio minimum. Ellevest will not rebalance a portfolio until it meets the respective account balance minimum necessary to generate the required shares. This minimum is a function of portfolio allocation and the share price of individual holdings, which will vary.

Investing entails risk, including the possible loss of principal, and there is no assurance that the investment will provide positive performance over any period of time.

Banking products and services are provided by Coastal Community Bank (“Coastal”), Member FDIC, pursuant to license by Mastercard International. Your Ellevest Save and Spend Account deposits will be insured to the regulatory limits by the FDIC through Coastal Community Bank, Member FDIC.

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