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Breaking Down Our Comprehensive Planning Package

Reaching your money goals usually means making trade-offs. When you book Ellevest’s Comprehensive Planning Package, one of our CFP® pros will help you understand your options, then make an informed choice that’s right for you — so you walk away with a comprehensive plan, and the confidence to put it into action.

How a planner can help

They’ll take a holistic look at your finances — including your cash flow, assets, and liabilities — and then help you make a plan to reach your money goals, both short-term (building up savings, paying off debt) and long-term (sending kids to college, retiring).

What you’ll do (together)

Our Comprehensive Planning Package includes two 60-minute video or phone calls, emails with your planner, and a written financial plan.

  • Prep: You’ll provide your financial documents for your planner to review in advance.

  • First call: Your planner will get to know you, your current finances, and your money goals. 

  • Let ‘em work: Your planner will build out your financial plan.

  • Second call: You’ll review the plan together, talk through different trade-offs, and adjust as needed.

  • Put your plan into action: You’ll receive your finalized financial plan, including a written report and a list of actionable next steps (plus access to our financial planning tools). 

Get to know our financial planners

Curious about who, exactly, you’ll be working with? At Ellevest, all of our financial planners are: 

  • Certified: They’ve met high standards for education, examination, experience, and ethics to be certified by the CFP® Board of Standards, Inc.

  • Fiduciaries: They’re required to act in your best interests at all times. 

  • Women: They understand and account for factors like the gender wealth gap and women’s longer life expectancies. 

Who this is for

This package is great for people who have a lot of goals and want to put them into a comprehensive plan. It includes two calls and a written financial plan. If you’d like to continue working with a planner on an ongoing basis, check out our Comprehensive Planning Package + Unlimited Support.

You don’t need to be an Ellevest client to purchase this package, but clients do get up to 50% off this and all other 1:1 financial planning packages and sessions. We don’t require that you transfer any assets to us (or even open an investment account with us). Your planner will look at any and all of your financial accounts — whether they’re at or outside of Ellevest.

Book your Comprehensive Planning Package today, or start with a free 15-minute call to see if it’s right for you.


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