Ask Sallie: Should I Join a Professional Network? (Video)

By Sallie Krawcheck

Experts believe that 70–80% of open jobs are never even listed. Instead, they’re filled internally or through networking — which makes networking seem pretty darn important.

You could take it upon yourself to try to find potential connections … or you could join a professional network. So should you? Here’s what Sallie has to say.

Sallie’s answer:

Should I join a professional network? Personal choice. I’m in favor, but personal choice. In order to inform the choice: Networking has been called the #1 unwritten rule of success in business.

You can do the best work in the world. You can be doing A+ work, you can be doing summa cum laude work. And if only your boss knows about it? Maybe you have the world’s greatest boss, and you will be promoted and promoted up until you’re CEO. Or maybe the person over here who’s hiring, or the person in the next company who’s hiring, or the person over here who wants to fund a new business won’t know about your terrific-ness and wonderfulness and greatness and business-ness, and you may not get that opportunity.

Men tend to get this in their 30s — sooner than women do. Women tend to keep their heads down longer than men do, and it’s one of the reasons men get promoted ahead of women in their 30s.


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Sallie Krawcheck

Sallie Krawcheck is the Founder & CEO of Ellevest.