Why We Work Here: Emily Green (Video)

By Ellevest Team

Meet Emily Green, a financial advisor on Ellevest’s Private Wealth Management team. As part of our Why We Work Here video series, she talks about how growing up with financial feminist role models her to a career at Ellevest.

Emily Green, financial advisor

The women in my life were always hard workers, and I think that just was a huge influence on me in general.

So when I grew up, my grandma basically traded stocks all day in between when she was watching the Chicago Cubs game. And my mom ran all the finances in my house.

And then when I went on to work in a career in finance, I realized that that wasn’t really typical.

But I was lucky enough to come here and figure out that it really wasn’t that women were needing to learn how to invest, it was that Wall Street needed to change how they were talking to women about investing and thinking about how they’re building the entire investment structure for women.

I’m Emily Green, and this is why I work here.

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