Summer 2021: Before You Go OOO

By Ellevest Team

Whether you’re hitting the beach, your lawn chair in your backyard, or a local park, here’s to enjoying all the IRL pleasures of summer with the peace of mind that you’ve put your money to work before you go OOO. And here’s to making your re-entry go a little more smoothly while we all try to remember what, you know, out there looks like.

Here are the most-loved conversations, stories, and pick-up-a-thing-or-two moments that have inspired you this year (so far) — and that can help both Today You and Future You this summer.

Alllllll the goods for online tutorial lovers

Some much-needed meme inspo

  • Get a handle on your summer expenses. (First haircut since 2019 anyone???)

  • Channel this Kate Walsh channeling Cher energy.

  • Let’s tackle your summer to-do list

    • Start investing in five days. Time to finally do the damn thing, check it off the list, put it on autopilot. Boom. Done.

    • Vaxxed, relaxed. Now get the money checkup on track before you go OOO.

    • You’ve got some poolside time to fill. Let’s learn more about crypto (from CEO Sallie Krawcheck as opposed to Todd).

    Short reads, huge knowledge drops when you’re sitting poolside

    • “Everything you do with your money has an impact.” Why gender-lens investing matters.

    • A few of these strategies to combat burnout could help you reclaim your peace of mind, at least when it comes to your money.

    • What would you do with $50K? You all had some fantastic ideas — 1,000 or so — that are totally doable.

    • Attention first-time homebuyers. Here are four things to help you score those keys. (Crossing our fingers for a pool!)

    • This counts as a read because … honey, that’s how they’re keeping us down.

    Motivation to reach those summer goals

    There are lots of ways to level up your summer plans. And we're always bringing you more of them. So last but not least, here are all the new ways you can work with an Ellevest financial planner.


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