The Timing of This Supreme Court Decision Isn’t a Coincidence

By Sallie Krawcheck

Intellectually, we suspected it was coming, but that doesn’t stop the leaked news that the Supreme Court is planning to overturn Roe v. Wade from feeling like a gut punch. The latest, and most devastating, in a string of gut punches.

Make no mistake: If this decision holds, it will hurt us all. But particularly the women and others who need abortions who have long been subject to reproductive injustice — those who are economically disadvantaged; Black, Indigenous, and other non-white women; and trans men and non-binary people, to name a few. And not just from a health care perspective.

It’s tough to believe this timing is a coincidence — that Roe v. Wade is (apparently) being struck down as women have just suffered a once-in-a-generation financial reversal, in the form of the pandemic. Because, of course, it’s easier to restrict our rights — and thus restrict our autonomy — when there is an imbalance of financial power. 

So instead of supporting women — our country’s social safety net — with paid parental leave and other much-needed legislation (and it felt like we were so close), the pandemic response is to restrict our rights. 

This will make us one of only three countries to tighten abortion laws, instead of loosening them, since 1994 — while women are struggling under the weight of family and financial burdens. It will impose a regressive tax on women who are already staggering. It’s devastating. 

So, as ever, we act. 

Today, right now, we can donate to abortion funds — which help people arrange and pay for abortion care. If you have the means to donate, organizers encourage us to focus on funds in states with lawmakers who are already or are likely to restrict abortion access.

And tomorrow, we protest in whatever ways feel most accessible and meaningful. We mobilize ahead of the midterm elections. We support candidates (and their communities) in abortion-hostile states. We engage with our employers on the benefits that they offer. And. We. Fight.

As always, the team at Ellevest stands with women, and everyone whose rights are under attack by this decision.

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Sallie Krawcheck

Sallie Krawcheck is the Founder & CEO of Ellevest.