What the Ellevest Community Splurges On (Guilt-Free)

By Ellevest Team

Staying afloat financially when inflation is rampant and the markets are volatile is a balancing act. Some people are emptying their savings. Others are applying for new credit cards.

Society is convinced women are bad with money even when the economy is fine. (See: Carrie Bradshaw and her shoes-vs-rent debacle in the 90s, Lattegate in recent years … the list is endless.) But when the financial waters get choppy — like they are now — that fallacy is bound to come out even louder than usual. Which is why any sort of treating-yourself that you can do isn’t just nice; it’s a small act of defiance against a culture that tries to shame women for spending on themselves.

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A few weeks back, we asked the Ellevest community on Instagram about the biggest thing they’ve ever splurged on — and felt no guilt about. We rounded up a few of our favorites here in the hopes that it inspires you to keep dreaming (and saving, and investing) big — and feeling absolutely great about it.

  • “Recently, I splurged on two pairs of Gucci loafers. I had an anxiety attack while buying them because it felt so outlandish, but it was worth it. Every time I put them on, I feel like the strong independent woman I’ve always wanted to be.”

  • “As of yesterday, I finalized the acquisition of a $5K [piece of] artwork created by a local woman artist. It feels surreal to finally own artwork purchased out of my own pockets, contribute to the growth of this emerging artist’s career, and decorate my space with fascinating work. 💗”

  • A child — can we talk about how expensive it is just to have a child? At minimum, a $5K initial fee plus $36K annually for at least [the first] three years.” 

  • “A ridiculous amount of pit tickets for the upcoming Harry Styles concert series this fall!! Dance party babyyyyyy!”

  • “A brand new, 8-seater Toyota Sienna. We could definitely have gone cheaper, but this is a hybrid and fits my entire family. Plus, it’s so pretty (for a minivan).”

  • “Buying a king-size bed for about $1,100. I unexpectedly had to move and already had a queen, but I splurged to have a quality mattress. With my new relaxed linen comforter, the bed really sets a vibe.”

  • “[I splurged on] an expensive yoga retreat after going through one of the hardest times of my life (losing my mom to cancer). It was exactly what I needed.”

  • “[I splurged on a] cordless vacuum cleaner. It cost way more than I thought I would pay for a cleaning item, but so worth it. I vacuum so much more often, because I don't have to lug a giant machine everywhere. It’s been good for my physical health (I’m allergic to dust and dust mites) and also my mental health (clean home, happy mind).”

  • “Paying [my] mortgage on time. Been in my house for 25 years and still owe $85K, but [I’m] on track now to pay it off in seven years (at age 65). It was a great feeling when I went below the $100K mark. Still won’t look at the bottom line of what I would have paid in total over 32 years — it will be worth every penny. #houseproudnothousepoor”

  • “I’ve always ridden nice mountain bikes, but after accepting a coaching position, I decided I wanted to get myself a niiiice bike. My buddy gave me a killer deal on my new whip (I paid $5K but it retailed for over $8K), and I haven’t felt an ounce of guilt. I’ve personalized it with upgraded carbon wheels, sparkly frame protection, and a Queen top cap. It’s so pretty, and I deserve it!”

  • “I’m a mom with three kids who works a full-time job and runs a small consulting company on the side. Most of my money goes toward retirement or my childrens’ education (or groceries)! Recently, I made an impromptu purchase of a pair of $600 diamond earrings. I love them, and it felt so nice to buy something special for myself (guilt free) that I earned using money from my side hustle.”

  • “I am frugal AF, so I don’t really do luxury items, but last year, I saved up and treated myself to a hot tub! It cost about $13K (more than I initially spent on my now-ten-year-old car). But unwinding after a crazy day with a nice soak and a can of kombucha? Priceless.”


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