Hey Sylvia, Quick Question: Should I Invest in Tech Stocks? (Video)

By Dr. Sylvia Kwan

Sylvia Kwan has nearly 35 years in the investing industry, as well as a PhD in engineering economic systems from Stanford, and she helped build Ellevest from the ground up as our Chief Investment Officer. So you could say she knows a thing or two about investing. We decided to bottle up some of that golden knowledge for you in our new video series, “Hey Sylvia, Quick Question.”

Today’s quick question: Should I invest in tech stocks?

Sylvia’s answer:

Yes, you should invest in tech stocks. And auto stocks, and healthcare stocks, and utility stocks, and retail stocks. You get the picture.

Trying to pick a winning stock or a winning sector hasn’t proven to be a winning strategy. Instead, investing in a diversified investment portfolio — one that contains many different stocks of different industries, of different geographies, as well as bonds and alternatives — has historically proven to be an effective investment strategy and an effective way to protect your portfolio against the unknown.


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Dr. Sylvia Kwan

Dr. Sylvia Kwan is the Chief Investment Officer of Ellevest.