Ask Sallie: How Do You Overcome the Stall Between Promotions at Seniority Levels? (Video)

By Sallie Krawcheck

If you’re feeling stuck between seniority levels, how can you overcome that to get your next promotion? Here’s what Sallie has to say.

Sallie’s answer:

OK, back up. Recent research that came out of Lean In and McKinsey says that what often keeps women from getting to the top is that first promotion — the first “broken rung.” So how do you overcome that?

I think first of all, it’s important to be aware of it, and the fact that it is driven by bias. The second thing: Obviously be great at your job, hustle, do excellent work. Ask for that promotion.

The third thing is that sometimes it’s just not your fault; it’s that your boss — who seems terrific, and says all the right things — actually just never promotes anyone who’s not like them.

I think it’s increasingly important to recognize that — that sometimes it’s not that we didn’t do great work, it’s that we work for someone who’s simply not going to promote us — and look to get to a different manager and overcome that first hurdle. Just recognizing it can be an important step.


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Sallie Krawcheck

Sallie Krawcheck is the Founder & CEO of Ellevest.