Ask Sallie: Is it Really Possible to Feel Good About Money? (Video)

By Sallie Krawcheck

Not-so-fun fact: 61% of women would rather talk about their own death than talk about money. So ... is it actually possible to ever feel good about money? Here’s what Sallie has to say.

Sallie’s answer:

Today, for so many of us, money doesn’t mean empowerment, and independence, and confidence, and freedom, and all this stuff that you read about. Sadly, for so many women, money is about loneliness, and “do I have enough,” and “will I end up as a bag lady,” and insecurity. And it’s our #1 source of stress.

But our research shows that when we take action around money — when we get on the other side of it, when we invest, when we’re taking that action, when we’re saving — the other side of it feels so great.

It’s a little like before you work out. You’re like, “No, it’s going to be terrible.” And then after you do it, you feel so good. (Except it doesn’t take as long, and you don’t sweat, and it doesn’t hurt.)


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Sallie Krawcheck

Sallie Krawcheck is the Founder & CEO of Ellevest.