Let’s Raise Some Elle.

By Ellevest Team

Truth: When women come together, magic happens. Things get done, and the world becomes a better place because of it. (See: The Women’s March, the #MeToo reckoning, the 2018 midterms, and the TIME’S UP Legal Defense Fund — just to name a few.)

Let’s Raise Some Elle

Another truth: Women+ won’t be fully equal with men until we’re financially equal — because in a capitalist society like this one, money equals power. We believe that it’s by coming together, having conversations, taking action, and raising Elle that we can begin to take back that power.

Elle Raisers. Cool name. What does it mean?

Elle Raisers are a community of people committed to making the world a better, more equal place by getting more money into the hands of more women+ — because when that happens, everyone benefits. You might also call them financial feminists (we do).

Elle Raisers know that lifting ourselves and our friends up financially — aka raise Elle — works better than trying to DIY our individual success. (Bonus: It’s more fun, too.)

How do I become an Elle Raiser?

It’s easy. Just raise some Elle.

No action is too small — talk to your friends about money, go negotiate for a raise, start saving and / or investing, tell your friends to invest too, send that funny meme to your bff. You’re probably already doing a lot of this stuff … and that’s all it takes to become an Elle Raiser. If this sounds like you, you’re in.

Also: World domination is more fun when we do it with our besties. So let’s raise some Elle.


All women, non-binary people, and anyone else who identifies as underrepresented because of their gender identity.

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