19 Money Wins From the Ellevest Community

By Ellevest Team

In our newsletter every week, we ask our community to share their latest money wins with us. And over the past year and a half, did. you. share. Like, a brilliant, inspiring amount. (Hundreds!) There are so many of your wins, in fact, that we needed to take a moment (and some serious space) to 🙌 them.

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We know it’s not always easy to *do the thing* when it comes to your money and career. As women+, we have so many blockers to overcome. (Not to mention the She-cession.) But you pushed for more. And that’s … well, everything. Plus, we can only imagine how uplifting your achievements must have been for the other women in your lives, too. Repeat after CEO Sallie: “Getting more money into the hands of women is the bionic ripple effect.”

So here’s to the Elle Raisers who built healthy money habits, started investing, paid off debt, asked for more, and made other big moves. Here’s to more small wins adding up to your something big.

You negotiated. Harrrrrrdddd. 

This is first for a reason. We heard from so many of you who got the raises, promotions, or massive starting salaries you deserve. In fact, we could probably do three whole articles just listing your salary wins. If we could shout them all from the rooftops, we would.

Congratulations to everyone who asked for and got more. Here’s some anecdotal inspo to keep this momentum going. 

The one who deserves allll the 👑 👑 👑 👑

“I spent all of college building my resume with unpaid internships in the arts. Earlier this week, I was offered a role at a local non-profit arts organization, and today I successfully negotiated my hourly wage to grab an extra $5 per hour. As Ellevest says, Ask 👏 for 👏 more. 👏” — Maria (she/her), New York, NY

The one who asked for more (in addition to more)

“I earned a 10% raise, and even better, it’s totally separate from the annual merit increase process.” — Lisa (she/her), Dayton, OH

The one who put that extra $$ toward that other goal

“Got the job I’ve been working toward for the last two years, and it came with an $18,000 salary increase! And I’m putting most of it toward replenishing my emergency fund!” — Victoria (she/her), Boston, MA

The one who got some coaching

“I’m starting a new job in a new career with a $35,000 raise, after taking a year off due to burnout. Negotiating tips and [other career resources] from Ellevest are big reasons why! Thank you!” — Martha (she/her), Boston, MA

The one we’d like to ask to please record her exit interview, lol

“Last year I asked for a 15% raise and was told no. This week I accepted a job offer with a 40% salary increase. I’m looking forward to my exit interview.” – Erin (she/her), Chicago, IL

Text graphic. “Advocated for myself and earned two promotions in 2021! Plus, attained my goal of jumping to a manager-level position (and a 34% salary increase)!”

You gave us those debt-paid-off goosebumps

It’s not easy to ditch debt. But that feeling when you do? Sooo good. In fact, it’s one of the most exciting wins we see here at Ellevest.

Those boo-ya feels

“I paid off all my credit card debt!! Took several years to pay off $6,000 of high-interest debt. BUT, now that I’ve paid it off, there’s so much more freedom. Now I’m building up my emergency fund. Boo ya!!” — Eva (she/her), Wenatchee, WA

Those I’m-in-charge feels

“Made $3,000 from my side hustle this month and put it all toward high-interest debt!” — Morgan (she/her), Philadelphia, PA

Those intentional feels 

“This week, I paid off all of my high-interest credit card debt so I could start the year debt free, and with the pure intention of saving and investing more money than I spend.” — Emily (she/her), Chicago, IL

Those small-steps-paid-off feels

“This past year, I worked hard toward making a dent in my massive student loans. Over the last 12 months, I’ve knocked off almost $20,000!” — Rabia (she/her), Los Angeles, CA  

Text graphic. “From 0 to shero! I finally saved up at least three months of take-home pay for my emergency fund!”

You showed that automating $$ makes life richer

So many of you are paying yourself first by automating your deposits. (In fact, 74% of members who invest with Ellevest have recurring deposits.) It’s also a neat trick for things like ….

Starting an emergency fund from scratch

“I set up an autodeposit for my emergency savings fund, and I’m on track to have three months’ worth of take-home pay by the end of the year! It felt so daunting starting at $0, but with each deposit I’m one step closer. Love checking my account after payday, now!” — Ginnye (she/her), Omaha, NE

Hitting that emergency fund goal

“It took me more than seven years, but I finally reached the goal of funding my emergency fund — small, steady automatic deposits were the secret to success.” — Erica (she/her), Omaha, NE

Text graphic. “Finally rolled over my old employer 401(k) to my new employer!”

You turned the Great Resignation into the Great Reinvention by …

Getting the right job, not just the next one

“Landed a dream job in tech that’s remote, and almost doubled my salary from my previous job.” — Danielle (she/her), Berlin, Germany

Getting paid for taking on more responsibilities

“I changed jobs for a better work environment, more responsibility, and a 34% salary increase!” — Sarah (she/her), Denver, CO

Getting a job that aligns with your values

“After three years at a company with values that did not align with mine, only getting 2% pay increases, and seeing only men on the leadership team, I got a great new job! The offer comes with a 22% increase, 20% annual bonus, and paid volunteer days every year! Plus a diverse workforce and leadership team!” — Kristin (she/her), Holland, MI

Text graphic. “Got the job I’ve been working toward for the last two years, and it came with an $18,000 salary increase! And I’m putting most of it toward replenishing my emergency fund.”

You wrote some really good copy …

… that we should put on a t-shirt

“New employer: ‘We’ll match 6, 7, or 8%.’ Me: ‘I choose 8% for Future Me.’” — Sarah Anne (she/her), Golden, CO

Do you have a small money or career win you’d like to share? (Yeah, you do!) We want to hear about it. You can share your wins here.


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