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Policygenius is America’s leading online insurance marketplace. They help you save 50% or more on life insurance by comparing over a dozen of the nation’s top insurers.


Lemonade is the hassle-free Renters and Pet insurance that pays claims fast. You can sign up in a few taps for policies that start at $5 and $10/month, respectively.

Why we love

Life insurance

Life insurance gives your loved ones financial protection when you’re no longer around.

Who needs life insurance?

You probably do, if people depend on you. Whether it’s a child, an aging parent, or even a business partner, life insurance will help keep your people financially supported after you’re gone. 

Benefits of Policygenius

get started now

Compare free quotes tailored to your needs

Policy options without a medical exam

Get covered fast and get on with life

Why we love

21st century coverage

Lemonade is the top-rated, 100%-digital renters insurance that makes protecting your stuff easy.

Protect your belongings

You work hard for your stuff. Renters insurance helps you keep it all protected — from electronics to clothes to furniture — against damage or theft. 

Protect your pet

Customize your pet’s coverage based on what they need, with huge savings on tests, vaccines, and essential care. Starting at just $10/month.

Benefits of Lemonade we stand behind

get started now

Unused premiums donated to charities you choose

Seamless sign-up and claims paid fast

Top-rated customer service

Where women protect their homes and families


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