Take What (Links) You Need, Leave What (Links) You Don’t

By Ellevest Team

The past few weeks have been … not great. And that’s putting it lightly. So if your headspace has also been not great, we’re right there with ya. 

But here at Ellevest, we’re big believers in the power of doing something about it. That doesn’t just apply to your mental health, either (although it is Mental Health Awareness Month). We’ve found that the top driver of women’s financial confidence is taking action — saving and investing, yes, but also (we’re willing to bet, at least) taking meaningful action, to address what’s getting you down.

That said, we know we’re all different, with the news and everything else hitting each of us in different ways. So we figured, this should be a choose-your-own-pick-me-up-type week. We’ve collected a bunch of resources that have been popular with the Ellevest community lately and organized them based on what you might need, whether that’s a bit of good news, a how-to on setting boundaries at work, a big-picture look at the numbers, or a guide to overhauling how you spend. Take what moves you (or don’t!) and above all: Just be kind to yourself right now. This uphill battle rages on (and on, and on), but we’re still here for you.

Markets have you freakin’ out?

Also consider: some lightning-round fact roundups about impact investing (including ESG investing), the lies women are taught about money, and how women actually feel about financial wellness.

Money making everything feel worse? Need a quick tip?

Need a workplace intervention, stat?

Here are some ways to combat that feeling you get where everything is just too much.

  • Here’s an email course to help you chart a new, values-driven career path in just four weeks.

  • Finally saying goodbye (and maybe good riddance?) to your current job?

    Just the facts, ma’am?

    You’re busy, we get it. Get the real lowdown — here’s what it’s going to take to close …

    Just trying to get your bank accounts through the summer?

    Or maybe it’s time to really overhaul your whole situation?

    Financial wellness — and peace of mind — is for everyone, no matter how much money you have. Here’s an introduction to how we define it and what it really entails.

    Speaking of workshops, the Ellevest community has been digging a few more of those that might help with this:

    • Inflation getting you down? Maybe it’s finally time to figure out a budget that works for you? We’ve got the how-to workshop.

    • Maybe you’re done spending at the big corporations and want to figure out how to start acting more locally with your money. We’ve got an intro to values-based personal finance.

    Looking for a little optimism?


    Investing has had the further benefit of feeling a bit subversive for women, given that we are subject to a lifetime’s worth of patronizing and disempowering messages that we aren’t any good with money. And also because of the power that it gives us: If you don’t control your own money, you don’t control your own life.

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