Invest in a cleaner world with the new Climate-Conscious Impact Strategy.

If you don’t invest in a better world for women, who will?

Ellevest’s impact portfolios are built to tackle issues that disproportionately affect women, like gender inequality, racial injustice, and climate change.

You don’t have to choose between making a positive impact and seeking competitive market returns.

Know the impact you’re making

In this personalized report, you’ll find data and stories about the real, measurable change you’re making with the investments in your impact portfolio — as well as an update on the impact we’re working to create as a company.

Only At Ellevest

Align your values with your investments

The Ellevest Intentional Impact public equity portfolios* divest from companies that don’t meet the criteria for our 13 focus areas, such as poor representation of women, inadequate diversity policies, private prisons, greenhouse gas emissions, and toxic waste.

Private Prisons
Negative Climate Impact

This is not just another initiative.
It’s our mission.

Alternative Investments

A powerful way to make a direct impact

Where suitable, we offer mission-focused alternative investment in private funds whose strategies include affordable housing and loans to women business owners.

Fixed income

Diversify your impact

We seek out individual bonds and funds that make an impact on the world and your community.

Ellevest Donor Advised Funds

Give smarter

Ellevest clients can establish Donor Advised Funds, which allow them to put assets into a charitable fund without having to manage paperwork, logistics, or day-to-day investing. And, because these funds are 501(c)(3)s, you may be eligible to get tax benefits right away, helping you separate tax planning and donation planning.  

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More about your impact


A New Way to Invest for Racial Justice

We can’t fully support women’s equality without also being antiracist. That’s why we’ve widened our lens to practices that have been shown to harm or exclude Black and brown people.

Sylvia headshot
By Sylvia Kwan
Chief Investment Officer, She/Her

What Does it Mean to Invest Intentionally?

Every dollar you invest, spend, or save has an impact — on you and your future, and on the world around you.

Sallie headshot
By Sallie Krawcheck
CEO and Co-Founder, She/Her

How We Created the Ellevest Intentional Impact Portfolios

Learn how you can choose to invest your money in companies that meet our criteria.

By Emily Green
Director of Private Wealth, She/Her

Every dollar you invest has an impact.
Do you know yours?


*The Ellevest Intentional Impact Portfolio is a separately managed equity account that is sub-advised by Ethic, Inc., a SEC registered investment adviser. The minimum investment in the Ellevest Intentional Impact Portfolio is $250,000. In addition to Ellevest’s advisory fee, the client will pay 0.25% of assets managed to the Sub-adviser.