Impact investing designed to make the world better for women — and for
us all.

Every dollar you invest has an impact.
Do you know yours?

The Ellevest Intentional Impact portfolios: innovative public equity portfolios designed to make the world better for women.

Shift your investments away from companies with products, policies, and practices that may harm women — and into companies that seek to make positive change.

Women’s rights and racial justice are interconnected. We screen out companies that don’t meet our criteria for either one.

13 focus areas, including workplace diversity, human rights, firearms, exploitative products, greenhouse gas emissions, waste, and water.

Send us an email and we can diagnose your existing investment portfolio to show you where it doesn’t align with your values — and work with you on a portfolio designed to make a positive impact instead.

Financial returns and social returns don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

Fixed income and alternatives impact investing

Type of investments

Private Debt Fund

Growth-stage loans to small and medium-sized enterprises in emerging economies. Each borrower has social impact mandates.

Small Business Loan Fund

Loans from community financial institutions to US-based women and minority small business owners.

Direct Private Real Estate Fund

The purchase and sustainable renovation of workforce family housing, including leases specifically set aside for women and families who are affected by substance abuse.

Renewable Energy Fund

The acquisition and management of a diversified portfolio of income-producing power facilities focused on generating sustainable, renewable energy.

Public and Private Equities Fund

Investments in public and private health companies with medical disruptions that have the potential to propel revenue and / or earnings growth through innovation.

Private wealth management to invest in the future you want.