7 Intentions to Set for Your Career in 2023

By Ellevest Team

The past year probably didn’t go the way you expected, career-wise. Much like last year, some of us were forced out of the workplace or lost our jobs, while others had jobs that (still) expected us to work twice as hard. Some of us were able to take advantage of new opportunities, but many spent the year just keeping our heads above water.

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While we don’t know what 2023 will bring, one thing is certain: We know a lot more now than we at the beginning of 2022. Even if it’s going to be a long time before we’re back to 100%, the new year is the perfect time to set some intentions (if only to spite all the obstacles, human-shaped or otherwise, vying to bring you down). Here are some ideas for getting back to the career you want in 2023.

1. Create a clear vision for your career

If you spent 2022 just trying to get through it, we see you. It was a rough one for career ambitions in general; the topic was even more complicated for women. But resetting and taking a good look at where you are and where you actuallywant to go, next year and beyond, might help settle some of the anxiety and stress that you might’ve built up around work this year.

First off, Ellevest clients can kick off the year with a four-week email course to explore what you really want to do next with your career. We also had an inspiring chat with author and business reporter Julia Boorstin recently about her book When Women Lead that might give you a real boost in confidence and vision.

2. Network 

There’s a reason Ellevest CEO Sallie Krawcheck calls networking the “#1 unwritten rule of career success.” (Btw, if you’re looking for her top three pieces of career advice, those are right here.) Because networking is a BFD, whether you’re actively looking for a new job or not. Here’s our best guidance for making valuable, authentic connections when you’re networking remotely. Here are 17 networking tips to help you supercharge your career. And Ellevest members can sign up for a free email course, 7-Day Networking Boost (Even for Introverts).

3. Get that raise or promotion

Some prereqs: If you’re in your first full-time job, check out this giant list of advice to get the most out of your experience. And no matter what job you’re in, here’s what to do if you feel like your voice isn’t being heard at work.

Next, it’s time for some money talks — here are a few conversation starters to help you talk about salary with different people in your life. Then check out this article on how to negotiate your next raise and this one on using science to do it

And (real talk) if this year’s annual review convo doesn’t go your way, now’s the time to start building up to your next opportunity to ask. Start by seeking out ways you can get better in your role — here are five steps to prepare for your next review, including a few scripts for asking for that feedback, plus an explainer on separating the good feedback from the bad

4. Find a new job

Here’s how to update your resume, LinkedIn, and cover letter. Here’s how to widen your job search beyond your history to discover other roles you might thrive in. Check out our guide to great prepping for the interview, both as soon as you schedule it and the day before you have it, as well as our advice on how to answer that tricky salary expectations question.  When you’ve got the offer in hand, keep in mind that salary isn’t the only thing you can negotiate!

And if you’re looking to totally pivot into your career’s “third act” now that the kids are gone: We’ve got that, too

5. Manage burnout

If you’re not struggling with workload and boundaries right now, you’re practically the eighth wonder of the world. But if you are, we know there are sometimes only so many things you can do, short of quitting and moving into the mountains with some chickens or something, to mitigate feelings of burnout. 2023 will be all about doing what you can — and improving the skills that will get you through. 

If you’re curious, here’s some info on how burnout could be impacting your financial wellness. Here’s some advice on what to do if you’re feeling overwhelmed at work

6. Be your own boss

Time to do your own thing? If you’re thinking of starting (or staying) small with a freelance side hustle, check out this article on a smart approach to setting your rates.

And if you’re ready to set out on your own, here’s an explainer on how to make it happen, how to fund your business, what to charge (harder than it sounds!) and some classic mistakes to avoid if you’re going to be pitching to investors.

7. Be a leader

Hey, maybe 2022 was pretty sweet for you. Maybe you’re just as hungry to grow as you were before! (Go you.) Looking to move into management (or higher management than you’re in now), perhaps? Check out what Sallie learned about leadership from the skeptics and why she almost didn’t take a leadership job (but ended up doing it anyway — and learning a lot about the power of leading as an outsider in the process). And if your next move is joining a board of directors: Here’s how to do it.

Now that you’ve got the data, you’re ready to set those intentions and start working on the small wins along the way.


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